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Divorce is difficult. Financial problems are tough. We make it easier.

It's not uncommon for family law matters or financial difficulties to cause stress. When this occurs, putting your trust in the right lawyer can alleviate the anxiety of what the outcome will be.  Get immediate answers and solutions from trusted and experienced family law and bankruptcy lawyers.

Family Law and Bankruptcy, Los Angeles, CA

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At Kraut LLP, we provide the following legal services.

Family Law

Divorce and family law cases are stressful. Kraut LLP will help you through it. We help our clients through their divorce, spousal support, child support, custody and visitation, or property distribution problem with pragmatic legal advice and caring service.


Living with debt can be stressful. Kraut LLP will help you explore your options, including bankruptcy. We give you a thorough analysis of your financials and provide you with expert legal advice and caring service.

Civil Litigation

Business owners who are currently involved in a legal dispute, including a cross-complaint or other third-party claim, should consider hiring a team of experienced Los Angeles business litigators to represent their case. Kraut LLP is here to advocate for you in times of trouble.

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Family Law and Bankruptcy Legal Team

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Individuals and families come to us when most vulnerable, entrusting us to protect their interests, no matter form or state. We pride ourselves on providing pragmatic legal advice with caring and compassion.

Jonathan Kraut

Jonathan Kraut

Managing Partner

Having an understanding of the struggles that families can be faced with, Jonathan has always had an interest and passion for family law and bankruptcy law. His goal is to provide professional service that will help families through those struggles towards a brighter future. In addition to having a JD, Jonathan has a BS in Business Management, an MBA and MPA. When not working as a lawyer, Jonathan spends his days cooking, going to the movies, playing card games with his children, hanging around the house with his wife, and reading non-fiction books.

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